From Sky To Table

From Sky to Table is a community project funded by Lisbon City Hall’s program Bip-Zip (Priority Intervention Zones). It aims to promote dietary self-sufficiency through vertical farming, for local communities in the neighbourhoods of Murtas and São João de Brito and Pote D’Água in Alvalade. It also aims to enrich the socio-cultural fabric of the area, building bridges between people through the communal creation and consumption of sustainable food.

The vertical farm is located in the Parque Hortícola Aquilino Ribeiro Machado, situated between these two neighbourhoods, where local people can gather to learn, collaborate and reflect on the shared experience of growing their own food.

The project aims to explore the educational potential of this model, transforming consumers into producers, empowering residents to collectively manage a fruitful shared resource. The goal is to improve the wellbeing of the local population by connecting them to each other and the natural world on their doorstep, taking control of what they consume and reducing their environmental footprint in the process.